You can’t keep a good octopus down – Ultros League is back for the second season! Whether you’re a returning player or brand new to the league, the time has come to sign up and join the fun. Sign-ups are now open, and season 2 will begin on Saturday, September 24th at 2:00PM ET.

What’s New for Season Two?

If you played Ultros League in Season One, you already know all the basics: 8 weeks, 4 tiers of competition, the strongest finishers get promoted to higher tiers while the lowest finishes risk demotion. If you’re new or looking for a refresher, check out the full rules and info right here.

Flagset Tweaks

Since Ultros League is aimed to be a “standard flags” style experience, you’ll find the flagset is almost identical this season. That said, we’ve made two minor tweaks:

  • The Retort bug fix flag is enabled (Note: this glitch was already prohibited through league rules, so this has no impact on UL play)
  • Flash Remove: Worst has now been enabled

There have been no other changes to the flags – scaling, character/esper requirements, stats, and everything else related to game mechanics is just the way you remember from season one.

The revised flags are available on the Info and Rules page, and SeedBot’s ultrosleague preset has been updated on both the web and Discord bot. Start rolling your practice seeds now and enjoy all of the Bum Rushes with none of the migraines!

Late Registration

In order to preserve division balance and avoid destabilization mid-season, sign-ups will now close after the start of week 3 of the season. Once the third race begins, season 2 sign-ups will be closed. Sign-up early to avoid accidentally missing out!

Divisions and Demotions

The exact number and size of divisions will be confirmed prior to the start of the season – we won’t know for sure what the league size will be until we have the full sign-ups to kick off the season. That said, expect a one or two more divisions than last season (specifically in Potion and Tonic tiers). The number of potential demotion slots may shift as well – for example, Elixir divisions in season 2 will likely be 7 players each (up from 6) but with 3 players in danger of demotion from each (up from 2).

No changes are planned for the number of players promoted from each division (this will always be the top 2) or to the size/structure of Megalixir.

Sign up now!

Season 2 sign-ups are available here. All players, new and returning, need to to sign up to participate in season 2. Don’t miss out, sign up today and join the fun!

And as always, please remember not to tease the octopus.

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