Season breaks? Hate ’em! Ultros League is back for the fourth season! Whether you’re a returning player or brand new to the league, the time has come to sign up and join the fun. Sign-ups are now open, and season 4 will begin on Saturday, June 10th at 2:00PM ET.

What’s New for Season Four?

If you played Ultros League in previous seasons, you already know all the basics: 8 weeks, 4 tiers of competition, the strongest finishers get promoted to higher tiers while the lowest finishes risk demotion. If you’re new or looking for a refresher, check out the full rules and info right here.

New Version

With a new season also comes a new version: Worlds Collide version 1.3 is releasing soon and Ultros League will be the first event to feature the new version. This version features a number of bugfixes and quality of life improvements, including a change to Ebot’s Rock to boost the odds of getting to the hungry chest after acquiring enough coral, as well as a boost to monsters/bosses casting healing magic on themselves.The majority of changes are fairly small (no new checks this time!) but a few will have an impact on Ultros League, so make sure to check out the updates on this Discord post.

Flag Updates

For season 4, the flagset is remaining fairly consistent from season 3, with only a few small tweaks being made.

Coliseum Visible Rewards is now 80-100 (was 50-60)

The blacksmiths of the Dragon’s Neck Armory have been somewhat bored since the finale of the Coliseum II event and are looking to drum up some new business.

Already a very situational and often dubious option in UL, this change is intended to make investing the time to check on the Coliseum a bit more worthwhile, and gives a bit more opportunity for a racer who checks the Coliseum to sneak an advantage against their peers.

Auction House Max Espers set to 1 (new flag!)

This change is intended primarily to make the Auction House play a bit less of a swing, where previously one racer could pick up a pair of espers in less than three minutes while other racers might be forced to watch a small militia of imp robots be sold off (all to be kept secret from Mama). This change makes the AH a bit less appealing overall and reduces the potential impact of the AH to a race.

An intended side effect of this is also that with one more dead check guaranteed to be in the Auction House, there will typically be one less dead check floating around elsewhere.

The new flagstring is:

-cg -oa -ob -oc -od -sc1 random -sc2 random -sc3 random -sal -eu -csrp 80 125 -fst -brl -slr 3 5 -lmprp 75 125 -lel -srr 25 35 -rnl -rnc -sdr 1 2 -das -dda -dns -sch -scis -com 98989898989898989898989898 -rec1 28 -rec2 27 -xpm 3 -mpm 5 -gpm 5 -nxppd -lsced 2 -hmced 2 -xgced 2 -ase 2 -msl 40 -sed -bbs -drloc shuffle -stloc mix -be -bnu -res -fer 0 -escr 100 -dgne -wnz -mmnu -cmd -esr 2 5 -ebr 82 -emprp 75 125 -nm1 random -rnl1 -rns1 -nm2 random -rnl2 -rns2 -nmmi -mmprp 75 125 -gp 5000 -smc 3 -sto 1 -ieor 33 -ieror 33 -csb 3 14 -mca -stra -saw -sisr 20 -sprp 75 125 -sdm 4 -npi -sebr -sesb -ccsr 20 -chrm 0 0 -cms -frw -wmhc -cor 100 -crr 100 -crvr 80 100 -crm -ari -anca -adeh -ame 1 -nmc -noshoes -nu -nfps -fs -fe -fvd -fr -fj -fbs -fedc -fc -ond -rr -etn

The revised flags are also available on the Info and Rules page. SeedBot‘s ultros league preset has been updated on both the web and Discord bot. Start rolling your practice seeds now and enjoy all of the Bum Rushes with none of the migraines!

Divisions and Demotions

The exact number and size of divisions will be confirmed prior to the start of the season – we won’t know for sure what the league size will be until we have the full sign-ups to kick off the season.

Sign up now!

Season 4 sign-ups are available here. All eligible players, new and returning, need to to sign up to participate in season 4. Don’t miss out, sign up today and join the fun!

And as always, I humbly petition you to kindly remember not to tease the octopus.

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