The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Ultros League Season 6 has begun!

Season 6 is kicking off with an record high 114 participants, and with that growth comes a few adjustments to the numbers and sizes of divisions. Full details on how the league works can be found on the Info and Rules page, but here’s a quick overview of how the league is structured for season 6:

1Megalixir112The strongest twelve players in the league!
Bottom 6 may be demoted
2Elixir38Top 2 in each division get promoted
Bottom 3 may be demoted
3Potion48Top 2 in each division get promoted
Bottom 3 may be demoted
4Tonic68+Top 2 in each division get promoted
Bottom 2 may be demoted

Demotions in Tonic? Your eyes don’t deceive you. Given the influx of players seen this season, it is expected that next season, Season 7, will have an additional tier below Tonic. This means that players near the bottom of Tonic during this season may be at risk of starting season 7 in the new tier.

Divisions have been seeded for the season kick-off and are all posted on the Standings page. Remember, standings are updated every Saturday before the following week’s races are posted, so make sure to check back there every week to keep track of all of the thrilling divisional races as they heat up throughout the season.

Divisional threads will be live on the Discord shortly after this post goes live, so make sure to introduce yourself to your division mates and get set for a fun and exciting eight week journey through the world of competitive FF6: Worlds Collide action!

Late sign-ups are now open and will remain open for the next two weeks, so if you’re late to the party but want to jump in, sign up now and you can still join the fun in one of our Tonic divisions.

Good luck to all the racers, happy racing, and above all, remember to never, ever tease the octopus!

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